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Hedging is defined as holding two or more positions at the same time, where the purpose is to offset the losses in the first position by the gains received from the other position.
Trading Strategy | Views: 343 | Added by: forex-market | Date: 2009-05-26

I have seen the hedged grid system been used successfully (and highly unsuccessfully) over the last few years. Unfortunately the failures tend to discourage traders from taking advantage of this great system. I have found that the failures are mainly due to ignorance, impatience and greed (common reasons for trading failure).
Trading Strategy | Views: 364 | Added by: forex-market | Date: 2009-05-26

In this lesson I will show you how to combine the characteristics of the CCI indicator along with the Reversal Bar candlestick to form a little trading method.
Trading Strategy | Views: 300 | Added by: forex-market | Date: 2009-09-11 | Comments (0)

The currency markets are known to trend well. At the same time, catching a trend and staying with it, is not as easy as it seem s.
Trading Strategy | Views: 261 | Added by: forex-market | Date: 2009-09-11 | Comments (0)

The “September Effect” on the S&P 500 and broader risky assets has typically led stocks lower on the month, and a continuation in said tendency would likely push the safe-haven US Dollar and Japanese Yen higher through the foreseeable future.
Trading Strategy | Views: 340 | Added by: forex-market | Date: 2009-09-01 | Comments (0)

Some of the most popular trading strategies in forex markets involve the use of Japanese Candlestick charts. Given a specific pattern in candlestick formations, traders look to buy and sell currencies in anticipation of reversal or continuations in price.
Trading Strategy | Views: 533 | Added by: forex-market | Date: 2009-09-11 | Comments (0)

Seven years ago when I was about to finish a long time study on how to understand the real meanings of economic concepts and in a shiny day when apparently everything did worked out well , I
Trading Strategy | Views: 346 | Added by: forex-market | Date: 2009-09-11 | Comments (0)

The intricate, complex ways of the financial markets often confuse the beginning traders. The two types of analysis, the different kinds of data and their contradicting signals, t
Forex for Beginners | Views: 570 | Added by: forex-market | Date: 2009-09-24 | Comments (0)

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