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You may be wondering, `Why would David Jenyns write about the worst Forex trading strategy around?`

There are a couple of reasons:

First, to warn you about the worst Forex trading strategy, because you really don`t want to end up using this system.

Trading Strategy | Views: 356 | Added by: forex-market | Date: 2009-05-26

Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are the two basic areas of strategy in the FOREX market which is the exact same as in the equity markets. However, technical analysis is by far the most common strategy that is used by individual FOREX traders. Here is a brief overview of both forms of analysis and how they directly apply to forex trading:
Trading Strategy | Views: 280 | Added by: forex-market | Date: 2009-05-26

Trading the Forex market has became very popular in the last few years. But how difficult is it to achieve success in the Forex trading arena? Or let me rephrase this question, how many traders achieve consistent profitable results trading the Forex market?
Trading Strategy | Views: 397 | Added by: forex-market | Date: 2009-05-26

With the day things are today, more people are getting interested in investing their money to make them grow faster. The problem is, not too many people are willing to take the risk of investing it because of the risks, so some of them just let their money rut in banks.
Trading Strategy | Views: 337 | Added by: forex-market | Date: 2009-05-26

There are many trading systems and strategies out there. There are many free ones printed in trading articles, journals, books and on trading-related websites. You can buy them as software or you can subscribe to them periodically.
Forex for Beginners | Views: 362 | Added by: forex-market | Date: 2009-05-26

This article is mostly for people that already know what the Forex market is and at least know the basic concepts. If you have no clue about what this market is or you have never heard about it, I will give you a very brief explanation bellow.
Forex for Beginners | Views: 310 | Added by: forex-market | Date: 2009-05-26

Possible risks and profits to be made can always be predicted if traders would only have more accurate Forex forecast to base their trade and decisions upon. Forex forecasts are only one way of keeping up with the volatile Forex market. Success will depend the most in knowing what and who will affect the rate changes.
Forex for Beginners | Views: 775 | Added by: forex-market | Date: 2009-05-26

1. Introductions

Today, using information and trading platforms has become a de facto requirement for successful trading in the financial markets. Their advantages as compared to conventional trading schemes include, for example, an unprecedented speed of processing and delivery of information to end users, the level of integration with data providers, and a wide array of built-in technical analysis instruments.

Forex for Beginners | Views: 486 | Added by: forex-market | Date: 2009-05-26

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