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GBP/USD forecast
The pair is trading along the uptrend, which has a growth target set to a rather distant level 1.6900. Although that level is far away there are no serious resistances on the way up, so reaching that level is completely real. In order to continue the uptrend the pair needs to get over resistance 1.6590, while the nearest support is found at level 1.6535. The next support is located at level 1.6400 – a strong key level. We can speak about changing of current uptrend to a downtrend only if the pair drops below level 1.6365, and in such case the dropping target will be set to level 1.6170.
gbp usd forex forecast
Daily graph (09.06.09)
   The pair rebounded from support level 1.6170 formed by the crossing of trend lines “H” (monthly trend line) and “D” (the lower bound of daily uptrend). This was followed by a drop below the lower bound of “C-C+” daily sideways trend with subsequent return to the channel. That fact speaks that there is a very strong support under the channel and now the pair will try to find a stronger resistance in order to test level 1.6170 again. But the pair may not find proper resistance since there are no strong resistances above level 1.6510, and by going above level 1.6510 the pair will break the “B-B+” daily downtrend, after which it is supposed to rise to level 1.6900. For the reasons above the pair either will turn from current levels for testing 1.6170, or it will eventually rise above level 1.6510.
   Two variants of events to proceed are seen:
1. In case the pair rises above level 1.6510, it will get to resistance 1.6900 / 1.6950.
2. In case the pair drops below level 1.6070, it will get down to support 1.5480.
gbp usd forex forecast
Weekly graph (from 05.25.09)
   After getting over level 1.5300 (breaking the “Y-Y+” trend’s higher bound) the pair had set its target of growth to resistance level 1.6900 (“F” trend line). This level is meant to be reached in the course of “D-D+” uptrend. Upon reaching it, an intermediate resistance – level 1.6200 (“H” trend line and levels of Japanese candles) – will appear on the pair’s way. Due to the fact that 1.6200 is an important resistance, a correction is meant to follow from there and end up at support level 1.5300. Uptrend within the “D-D+” channel will be resumed from the same level and the pair will reach the target 1.6900. “D-D+” trend is completed in five waves.
gbp usd forex forecast
Monthly graph (from 05.25.09)
   Bounce off level 1.3900 (“R” trend line) had provoked a rapid growth of the pair. The peak of growth is meant to be found at level 1.6900 (“F” trend line). Upon reaching this level there will be two variants of events to develop:
   1. Having bounced off level 1.6900 and after the “D-D+” weekly trend is broken, the pair will get to support 1.4355.
   2. If level 1.6900 is unable to show a sufficient resistance (the pair goes above this level), the pair will reach resistance 1.8530.
gbp usd forex forecast
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