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Breakout Trading Strategy - A Proven Method For Bigger Profits

If you want to catch the biggest trends in any Financial market and make money from them then a breakout trading strategy is the best way to trade. In this article we will look at how this simple strategy could lead you to currency trading success...

A breakout trading strategy will work and continue to work because it is based on these facts which you can see for yourself on any Forex trading chart.

1. Forex prices trend for sustained periods of time up or down.

2. All big trends start from breakouts to new chart highs or lows

3. All trends continue by breaking to new highs or lows

Many traders however never consider breakout trading because they want to predict where prices will go and breakout trading doesn't do this - it simply trades the reality of price change.

You cannot predict Forex markets in advance, no ones knows what they will do next but if you trade a breakout you have the odds in your favour and while you may not win every trade, if you do breakout trading correctly, you will win far more trades than you lose and be on the side of every major trend.

While it looks like you have missed a bit of the move at the start that's ok, - because the odds of a continuation are so high.

Forex trading is all about trading the odds and a Forex breakout trading strategy, will get the odds on your side and in addition, a breakout strategy is very easy to understand and simple to implement.

The best way to trade breakouts is to use support and resistance and use a couple of momentum indicators, to confirm the move. If you do this, you have a strategy which can lead you to currency trading success and will always work.

Category: Trading Strategy | Added by: forex-market (2009-05-15)
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